Friday, February 20, 2009

Accomplished (an update)!!

Soooo many things have been going on with me lately! I finally!! am back in schol. It is going really well and I am surprised that I am not yet pulling my hair out from being overwhelmed! Being a single parent is so hard sometimes but it still amazes me how the love for three little girls can give me the strength to do ANYTHING!

I have started dating again! eeek... Not really my fav thing about being single but I guess it's necessary unless I want to be sinlge forever!lol! I have went on a few dates but nothing to promising.. I find that my priorities are a bit different than most people i guess.

Not being raised a religious person has always bothered me and I have continued to struggle to find my right place with God... but the other night I had the best dream, although i'm not sure what is was about, I woke up feeling so CONNECTED to him! It was fantastic! I come from an Irish Catholic family and am thinking about taking catholisism classes... I don't know how I feel about it I guess.....

The girls are only a few months from being 8 and 6! eek! Deanna will be a first grader next year, I wonder how I will feel just me and Lola all day! Speaking of..she has hit the terrible twos, something Em and De never did, we are working through it! LOL! a little patience on everyones part!

Well thats it for now. Iam going to try and be a better blogger..HELP ME BECKY!!!!

Blog it up and dance!!

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