Friday, February 26, 2010

I tell you.....trying to keep up on a blog can be tiring! .... wait, you may say, you don't keep up on your how could you be tired?! Weeeeeell....the idea of keeping up on my blog is happy?!

Well I have been every so busy! TRYING to keep up on school work has proved a challenge this semester. I am not cut out to study the sciences, especially online! It was fun when I went to BSU and got to dissect aortas and spin blood types....but doing online labs about different types of flies...... ya..less than exhilarating! But it is finals week and it looks like I may just scrape by so I will send up a thank you and open a cold one to celebrate!

Other than school the kids have of course kept me extremely busy with all their activities, play dates and school functions. This is such a fun time for all of us because the older girls are developing their own lives, friends and interests. It is fun for me to get to watch them interact with their friends at school and see all the things they do that remind me so much of myself. Well Lola is going to start Montessori school. With me going to school and being busy all the time she just really needs the stimulation! She is such a intelligent girl and she does not like to sit idle. Lately I just can't provide her the fun filled days that I used to. We took a tour of the school and she LOVED it....we'll see how she does when I'm not there but I think she'll adjust brilliantly! on the other hand...well..I am a big crybaby so.......

My long distance love affair :-) is going well. We have been rocking this long distance thing for over 6 months now and it is quite trying at times...but it is also really nice that I still get butterflies when I go to see him or he comes to see me! The expense of the traveling back and forth is one major downfall as it not being able to see him more often and not having him here to make me smile when I am having a hard day. Still waiting and praying...we'll see what the future holds.

Well thats my bi-yearly update! :-) Still trying to get more diligent in my postings...check back soon! :-D


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