Friday, June 5, 2009

Fun Family Frames!

This first pic is of the opposing wall. By shopping at thrift stores and yard sales I was able to decorate the entire thing for $13!! (aside from the T.V obviously! :-)
I had been staring at the blank wall in my upstairs loft for about 6 months. On one side I had this memorial to my Grandpa, who helped raise me and died last June. 

On the other side I had nada! I had been searching thrift stores for something that fit in with my decor and kept coming up empty handed.. so I decided to make my own!

We started with simple brown package paper ( the stuff you use to wrap boxes to mail.)
Then we used standard black craft paint and each put a handprint.
Finally I put the finished (and nearly free) project in a frame I found at a thift store for $9!

I think the finished project looks pretty good and the total cost was $10! Do you have any cheap decor projects to share?


Hilty Sprouts! said...

You are so creative!


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