Thursday, May 21, 2009

Patience.....where are you?!

I'm looking..anybody seen it? I had a VERY productive Math day today! I finished all but my final in English..still waiting for my sigh of relief! Will it come when finals are over? I DON"T KNOW! At this better! I know people balance their lives a little better than this..maybe I need to refine my juggling skill. 

After much math was learned today I came a still filthy house and immediatly the stress level was back up. My kids had cereal for dinner! Anyone know a good maid and cook that will work for food and affectionate praise? LOL! Just for getting on an even playing field with my house!

I am thinking I need a vacation and if it is a weekend in a sleeping bag in the woods, i'm there! Who's in? :-)

Wow! I have been blogging a bit this week! By tomorrow's Lessons to take into the Weekend ya'll will be tired of me! ;-)


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